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「流行起於高分子,變化盡藏微宇宙」! 歡迎光臨「流變學好簡單 | The RheoMaster」部落格,成立於 2019.2.22,即將於 2024 年初屆滿 5年!旨在提供簡單的中文流變學知識,包括高分子流變學、輸送現象、高分子加工、流變量測等。您可至右方進行關鍵字搜尋,若有任何建議,請至文章留言或來信 yuhowen@gmail.com。 Welcome to "The RheoMaster" Blog. This website was established in Feb 2019, and will be celebrating its 5th anniversary in eary 2024. In view of the lack of Chinese literature on rheology, here we offer basic knowledge relevant to polymer rheology, transport phenomena, polymer processing, rheometry, etc. If you have any suggestion, please leave a message on the post you are reading or email us at yuhowen@gmail.com.


網誌作者近期國際期刊論文發表 (Recent SCI Journal Articles by the Blogger)

  Extensional Rheology of Linear and Branched Polymer Melts in Fast Converging Flows 線型、分支型高分子融體於高速收縮流之拉伸流變 Rheol. Acta 62 , 183–204 (2023)...